We provide a full range of CSIA training courses from Level I right upto Level IV, with Certification to Level III. We also provide Pre Courses, PDP's, Course Conductor Training, GS Training and GS Modules. This is all backed up by our off-course Development Programme in conjunction with the Soldeu Ski School.
The interest in our Andorra CASI courses is growing every year. As last year we will operate up to Level III Training and Exams. Training, Pre Courses & Exams are available in Dec, Jan, Mar & April.
Over the years, our Fastrack Gap Programme has grown to accomodate candidates' ideas. So now we run a selection of 4, 6, 8 and 10 week courses. CSIA for skiers and CASI for boarders. The season start dates look like this:
4 wk   16-Jan 4 wk   16-Jan
6 wk   13-Feb 6 wk   13-Feb
10 wk   16-Jan 10 wk   16-Jan
** NEW ** Level 3 Fastrack!
8 wk 30-Jan 8 wk 30-Jan
This Season in Grand Valira the CSCF will offer: Entry level (Level I) & Development Level (Level 2) The CSCF are not able to support any CERTIFICATION training outside Canada. Nor are they able to provide CSCF Level 3 courses outside of Canada.
Instructor Academy has invited a top CANSI Course Conductor to run our intensive 3 day Telemark training course in the Spring after which the candidate is classified as CANSI Telemark Level 1.


Fastrack - 2018
4,6,8 and 10 Weeks Courses for Ski and Snowboard dates released - See Dates & Prices: FASTRACK

CSIA (Ski) - 2017
Level 1 Pre Course 20-21 March
Level 1 Course 22-25 March
Level 1 Pre Course 27-28 March
Level 1 Course 29 Mar-01 April
Level 1 Pre Course 10-11 April
Level 1 Course 12-15 April
Level 2 Extended 13-25 March
Level 2 Extended 3-15 April
Level 2 10-15 April
Level 3 Extended Course 13-23 March
Level 3 Training 13-17 March
Level 3 Course 19-23 March
Level 3 Exam 24-25 March
Level 3 Extended Course 3-13 April
Level 3 Training 3-7 April
Level 3 Course 9-13 April
Level 3 Exam 14-15 April

CASI (Snowboard) - 2017
Level 2 Extended: 13–25 March
Level 1 Pre Course: 3-5 April
Level 1 Course: 6-8 April
Level 2 Pre Course: 10-11 April
Level 2 Course: 12-15 April

Our Spring Mountain Guide courses are so popular with all that Pyrenean sun and blue skies! So in April we are once again running the Level I Ski Guide Mountain Safety course as required by Andorra and ISIA.
The Canadian Association for Disabled Skiing (CADS) is the National and an International leader in alpine adaptive snowsports. Academy will be featuring these courses in Andorra during 2016/17 season.




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