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Course Guides & Certification Levels

CSIA Courses in Andorra

The Course Information on the links below is on the CSIA website and relates to the course structure in Canada.  In Andorra, although the Goals and Content amount to the same, there are differences to the Course Outline, Length and Schedule.

For example all Indoor course work in Andorra usually takes place in the evenings.
The Level 2 is the standard 6 day course.

However also run a 12 day extended course which provides extra coaching and hours, producing higher skills levels and a better pass rate.  This 12 day Course is the standard Level 2 incorporating an extra 7 days of training.

We have a Level 3 Extended Course which is the standard Canadian 6 day Level 3 incorporating some extra days of ski training.

Please Note: All the course details on are for your guidance only. The content will rarely change but the actual course structure day-by-day is decided by the Course Conductor in resort.

CSIA Certification Pathway

The following is a step by step guide to the CSIA Certification Pathway.

The Pathway includes four Levels of Instructor Certification and a Trainer Designation. The training offered within the Pathway is the perfect way to develop skills and expand knowledge, while practical teaching experience within a Snow School will provide you with the opportunity to implement these skills to truly hone your craft. Real world teaching is exciting, fulfilling and offers invaluable experience as you target new goals.

Level 1 Certification Course or Snow Park Certification Course

You can begin your journey Level 1 Certification Course or Snow Park Certification Course. Some Snow Schools in Canada also offer a Level 1 Apprentice Development Program offered over a longer term, in conjunction with on-the-job experience.

Skiing and Teaching “Tracks”

The Level 2 and Level 3 Programs are offered in Skiing and Teaching “Tracks”.  To acquire the complete Level 2 or Level 3 Certifications, Members must pass both of the related Skiing and Teaching components, however independent development in either of the tracks is also possible.

Level 2 Certification Program

As a Level 1 Certified or Snow Park Certified Ski Instructor, you can take advantage of the Level 2 Certification Program, which is comprised of the following:
Level 2 Skier Development (2 days)
Level 2 Teacher Development (2 days)
Level 2 Exam (2 days – Teaching and Skiing)

Level 3 Certification Program

As a Level 2 Certified Ski Instructor, consider embarking on the Level 3 Certification Program, which is comprised of the following:
Level 3 Skier Development (3 days)
Level 3 Teacher Development (3 days)
Level 3 Exam (2 days – Teaching and Skiing)

Trainer Designation

As a Level 3 Certified Ski Instructor, you are encouraged to attain the Trainer Designation which helps build skills valuable in training new Ski Instructors and is a step toward becoming a Level 1 Course Conductor for the CSIA.
The Trainer Designation is comprised of the following:
Trainer Development (2 days)
Trainer Exam (1 day)

Level 4 Certification Program

As a Level 3 with the Trainer Designation, the highest level of CSIA Certification is within reach. Extensive professional experience inside and outside the Ski Industry are valued and strongly recommended for those embarking on the Level 4 Certification Program which is comprised of the following:
Level 4 Academy Application Submission
Level 4 Academy Selection Camp (2 days)
Level 4 Academy (3 x 4 day Camps, Online components)

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