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CANSI – Telemark


CANSI Nordic Telemark Skiing

The Canadian Association of Nordic Ski Instructors (CANSI) is a non-profit organization designed to promote and advance the sport of cross-country and Telemark skiing in Canada through the provision of high quality instruction.

Nordic skiing, by general definition, refers to the sport and recreation of skiing on skis that have free-heel bindings. This includes the Olympic winter sports of cross-country skiing (also known as x-country or XC skiing), ski jumping, and Nordic combined, as well as two back-country skiing styles called Telemark skiing and ski touring.

Instructor Academy has invited a top CANSI Course Conductor to run our intensive 6 day Telemark training course in the Spring after which the candidate is classified as CANSI Telemark Level 1.

Telemark Skiing

Telemark skiing refers to downhill skiing style using the Telemark turn, which is a technique first developed by Sondre Norheim. Telemark turns are led with the heel flat on the outside ski, while the inside ski is pulled beneath the skier’s body with a flexed knee and raised heel. The skis are staggered but parallel, and 50-80% of the body weight is distributed on the outer ski depending on snow conditions and terrain.

Telemark skiing can be done with cross-country equipment, but specialised telemark boots, bindings, and skis allow for higher performance skiing in more difficult conditions. Modern Telemark equipment looks similar to alpine ski equipment except that the boots allow the foot to flex in the forefoot, and the bindings allow the heel to rise off the ski.

Telemark skiing is done both in the back-country, and in alpine ski resorts. CANSI Telemark instructor certification courses are normally taught at alpine ski resorts, and require the use of modern Telemark equipment.

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